e would like to take this opportunity to share with our valued clients and friends what we are doing to manage the impact of COVID-19 for our team, clients and as a firm.

We have a detailed Pandemic Incident Response Plan to protect the health of our people and the wider community and to maintain the continuity of services to our clients which we are currently putting into practice.

The below is a summary of the main points of our plan, which we are now following in each of our offices around Australia.

Key Points

Service to our Clients

One of the key goals of our plan is to harness the flexible and resilient qualities of our systems and processes to maintain the service levels we currently provide to our clients with minimal disruption.

Our systems allow all lawyers and support staff to work flexibly and from remote locations, replicating the exact environment a staff member uses when working on our systems in one of our tenancies. Our decision to move to a paperless environment a number of years ago has given us the ability to adapt our practices in a timely and efficient manner.

We will always be transparent with our clients about our emergency plans and provide clear and timely client communications as an important part of our response.

Internal Communications

At this critical time we are communicating with our staff and monitoring the wellbeing of staff members daily.

If there is an outbreak of illness in any of our offices, we will respond rapidly and in an emergency we can communicate to all our staff members through a dedicated emergency communications channel.

We have virtual meeting room facilities and teleconferencing systems that allow us to communicate between our State offices and our clients’ offices without the reliance on travel.

Remote Working

Our systems allow all lawyers and support staff members to work in an equivalent environment from home or other remote locations. This enables us to have our staff work remotely to limit the spread of disease.

TurksLegal has recently successfully tested the capacity of our systems to support scaled up service delivery working from remote locations.

Our reception phone can be diverted to another State office or a remote location.

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