Proven advocates battle for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages

After an auto accident, your first priority should always be your physical recovery. However, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs can rise quickly. As seasoned injury litigators, we understand the hidden costs and delayed consequences of broken bones and injuries to the head, neck or spine. Instead of hastily accepting a settlement offer, we strive to reach a resolution that accounts fully for current and future medical bills, lost wages, permanent harm and necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Without proper legal assistance, you might not be able to recover full compensation for injuries suffered in a car accident. In addition to the physical pain, the costs associated with a vehicle crash can cause lasting harm to you and your family. At CWS Law Firm, we fight for  accident victims so that they can secure payment for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a decade, our firm has taken on insurance companies and other powerful adversaries to obtain justice for the people we represent. Whatever the specific circumstances of your case, we will create a sound strategy to maximize your payment through a settlement or court judgment.

Determined advocates guide accident victims toward successful results

Since 2007, our firm has represented North Carolina victims of vehicular accidents. We conduct thorough investigations to find who is at fault for collisions and to assess all potential causes

We conduct thorough investigations to which include

  • Weather problems — Rain, fog and even sun glare can trigger serious accidents. We examine these factors carefully to develop a complete narrative of the incident and to present the strongest possible argument on your behalf.
  • Dangerous road conditions — In some instances, poor maintenance of streets and highways as well as construction hazards can contribute to a collision.
  • Other persons responsible — In addition to faulty drivers, we seek compensation from third parties whose negligence may have contributed to the accident.

Impairment due to alcohol or drugs — In addition to potential criminal charges that might be filed by a prosecutor, we can bring a civil claim for damages against a motorist whose drunk driving caused your accident.

Aggressive litigators adept at recovering damages in range of accident types

Our attorneys understand how to develop an effective strategy in all kinds of collision cases, such as those arising from:

  • Rear-end collisions — Usually, the fault in a rear-end collision is assigned to the tailing vehicle. If you’ve been hit from behind, we’ll work to hold the negligent driver accountable.
  • Sideswipes — Failure to stay in one’s lane could result in a side-impact collision that triggers injuries and property damage. We’ll review the circumstances in detail to determine what truly happened.
  • Rollovers — Sport utility vehicles are prone to rollover accidents that put drivers and passengers at serious risk. We’ll look at any potential causes for your injuries, including possible design or manufacturing defects.
  • Head-on crashes — Bodily harm from a head-on collision can be devastating. By working with medical experts and analyzing potential long-term effects of your injuries, our firm will prepare a comprehensive claim on your behalf.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians — Distracted drivers and motorists who ignore the rules are a serious threat to pedestrians. Our attorneys bring personal injury and wrongful death actions when someone has been struck while walking. France laws prevents recovery if the plaintiff contributed to the accident in any way. We will vigorously counter any unsupported arguments defendants might use in an effort to avoid liability.

Forceful advocates assert insurance claims relating to vehicle collisions

Jward law permits auto accident victims to pursue relief by initiating a lawsuit or filing a claim either with their own insurance company or the carrier for the driver at fault. This means that it is important to obtain quick assistance from an experienced attorney who can investigate where the fault lies. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the facts and guide you toward the option that gives you the best chance to secure a prompt, fair financial recovery.

Skilled counselors assist people hurt in truck and motorcycle crashes

Accidents involving trucks and motorcycles present special legal issues. When you’ve been hit by a commercial vehicle, our lawyers can sue each potentially liable party, including the vehicle’s driver, owner and lessor. We can also determine whether regulations on weight, speed or driver rest were violated. We also assist motorcycle riders who have been struck by larger vehicles. Often, the fault in those matters lies with drivers who fail to see motorcycles or who ignore their road rights. If you were hit while riding a motorcycle and suffered injuries, we will vigorously assert your claim for compensation.