Use audience-based navigation for patients

Clearly separate experience and content with the help of an audience-based navigation: Patients/Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). Consider setting up a separate site/subsite for each audience and make it easy to switch between them (HCPs often use patient sites as much as patients in order to explain information to their patient).

Prioritize and make it easy to access the following most important information sets; make it shareable, downloadable, and printable:

  • For Patients: about the disease, about the solution/drug/benefits, treatment, risk/side effects, affordability, etc.
  • For HCPs: dosing, safety, clinical trials, clinical practices guidelines, mechanism of action (MOA), prescribing information (PI) etc. – within the primary navigation and search.HCPs are researching through dozens and dozens of options for their patients and are studying at a quick rate. They have a very high priority that these requirements are at the forefront of any site dedicated to them.

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