We play to WIN. Litigation is a zero sum game. There are winners and losers.
We play to win.

We play FAIR. Ethics are ingrained into our culture. We play by the rules—period. Winning the right way is the only way.

Our Philosophy

  • Win
  • Fair
  • Teamwork
  • Perfection

We respect each other. We consider it our good fortune to work with lawyers whom we not only respect professionally, but we value as friends.

We value diversity. To us, diversity means recruiting and retaining lawyers of every race, sex and national origin. It also means having many types of people—people with different perspectives and different personalities. We are convinced that our diversity makes us better trial lawyers.
It definitely makes the firm more interesting.

We strive for PERFECTION in our written work product. We pride ourselves on our written work and the research behind it. We win many more cases via motions to dismiss or summary judgment than at trial.

TEAMWORK rules. The foundation of our firm is on supporting each other.

SUBSTANCE NOT appearances. We believe lawyers work best—and are most creative—when they are at ease in their environment and not distracted by the restrictions of formality—like ties and suits.

Our future is BRIGHT. We encourage you to read the biographies of our firm partners and pay particular attention to their graduation dates. We believe we have the best stable of young litigators of any firm in the world.